Eco-Friendly Medication Vial


I own a pharmacy and would like to use Ecolo Vial. How easy is the transition to your products?

Transition is simple and easy! We have several tools that facilitate a smooth transfer and encourage you to engage patients!


Are your eco-friendly vials recyclable?

Absolutely! The recycled plastic benefits other manufacturers who utilize and produce an endless array of items. We hope that our eco-friendly medication vials have a prolonged life cycle and are transformed as many times as possible into other products.

EcoloPharm wishes to go much farther and minimize one of the major problems facing today’s recycling industry: the low quality of recycled materials.


What protection do your eco-friendly vials offer against ultraviolet (UV) radiation?

It depends on the color of the vial. It's the same principle as with sunglasses: the glass must be tinted to provide adequate UV protection.

Green vials protect against 99.8% of UV radiation. This exceeds USP (United States Pharmacopeia) standards for UV protection. Medication is highly protected from ultraviolet (UV) radiation and photo-degradation.

Clear vials do not contain a dye protective additive against UV rays. As a result, they block 35 to 40% of UV rays.

For more information, go to the next question "What is the difference between green and clear vials?"


If I really want to be eco-friendly, can I bring my eco-friendly vials back to the pharmacy for a refill?

This is a legitimate concern. However, there may be cross-contamination between some medications and it is not advised to bring back any medication vial for refilling.

Our vials are fully recyclable and once reconditioned will benefit other manufacturers.


Why do you use plastic to make your products?

The only valid option today is plastic, regardless of the supplier and of the pharmacy.

Thanks to our eco-friendly design, we are happy to offer the most eco-friendly vial on the market: Requiring the least amount of plastic and generating the least amount of CO2.

Our vials are also fully recyclable


Are your products made of bioplastics or bio-based plastic and are they biodegradable?

The short answer is no. It is necessary to unravel certain myths or preconceived ideas about these three concepts and the confusion they bring. Although they may seem similar, the three terms actually refer to three very distinct concepts:

From the outset, it must be emphasized that there is still no fixed definition of what a bioplastic is. However, this term refers to materials of two types:

  1. Plastics made of biobased material are derived from biomass and renewable resources such as plants. The interest raised by biosourced plastics refers precisely to the renewable nature of the supply of raw materials. This is the upstream of the product life cycle and it aims to reduce pollution at the source.
  2. Plastics made of biodegradable materials which under ideal conditions are compostable. Biodegradation means degradation achieved through the action of living organisms such as bacteria or fungi. This refers to the end of life of plastic and it aims to reduce the pollution generated by the product once it is no longer useful.
    Some bioplastics have both characteristics: they are both biobased and biodegradable.
  3. Not all bioplastics are biodegradable. Think of products that must last for a long period of time, such as water pipes or some interior parts of cars. There are also biodegradable plastics that come from fossil resources and have a petrochemical transformation.

In contrast, biodegradable bioplastics are typically used for disposable items (e.g., catering products such as dishes and straws).

However biodegradable bioplastics pose some major problems. They are not recyclable with "traditional" plastics and when they end up in your recycling bin and become contaminants!

In addition, biodegradation can be extremely slow if optimal conditions are not met. Our current facilities in Canada rarely meet the necessary conditions for full biodegradation and more often than not it is not achieved. Subsequently, the accumulation of harmful substances persisting in the environment contaminate our soil, water, and air and pose a significant risk.

These are the main reasons that prevent companies from using biodegradable plastics: the contamination of recyclable plastics and little chance of biodegradation.

We work closely with different vendors to keep abreast of industry innovations and evaluate various options available.


I am a pharmacist and would like to get your Ecolo Vials. Where are they available?

Like all our products, our eco-friendly medication vials are available at your wholesaler


What is the difference between green vials and clear vials?

Colour affects the level of protection for medications against ultraviolet (UV) radiation. A green vial protects better than a clear vial.

As with all clear vial options on the market, our clear vials offer 35-40% UV protection. Our green vials block 99.8% of 290-450 nm UV rays (the frequency in the potentially problematic spectrum for photosensitive drugs). [UV certificate link]

In fact, the UV protection of green vials exceeds the USP standards for blocking UV radiation passing through the vial. As a result, all prescriptions are protected from UV rays and the harmful effects that exposure to light can cause.


What is the difference between the first and second generation of Ecolo Vial?

EcoloPharm launched the first generation of Ecolo Vial in 2010 which was the only eco-friendly vial on the market.

In 2015 we developed our 2nd generation vial, Ecolo Vial Hybrid with the help and feedback from pharmacists.

This second generation has been redesigned and improved to provide even greater child-resistance and easier-to-open for adults. We also reduced the plastic material now making Ecolo Vial Hybrid the most eco-responsible vial on the market.

The Ecolo Vial Hybrid protects better against moisture and the cap was redesigned to accommodate a sticker; Allowing for the transmission of a personalized message or an action to be taken by patients (see below).


Is the plastic you use made from recycled plastic?

Unfortunately no. Because our products hold medication, we are subject to the very stringent standards of Health Canada. It is therefore not legal for EcoloPharm to manufacture products made from recycled plastic.

However, our products are fully recyclable


Could the concepts of reverse logistics or circular economy apply to your eco-friendly vials?

These concepts are important to us and we are working with partners to develop comprehensive programs.

Imagine how great it would be if everyone could bring back their medication vials to their pharmacy and avoid placing them in curbside recycling altogether?

In Canada, curbside recycling makes life easier for citizens by allowing them to throw various recyclables into one single bin. By the same token, there are many kinds of materials such as plastics that are found in recycling bins (e.g., HDPE from shampoo bottles, PET from soft drink bottles or PP from an Ecolo Vial).

Once at the recycler, things get complicated. The diversity of mixed plastics creates a sorting problem and complicates the recycling process.

More often than not, the recycling center is not able to separate different types of plastics from each other and many remain mixed. The result is a plastic bundle of several types of plastic with different chemical compositions and cannot be used for the same products. This has the effect of reducing the quality of the recycled plastic bundle and lowering its resale value.

We would like to bypass the selective collection and eliminate the various contaminants (plastic or other). For example, recycling centers that receive our vials directly would obtain a contaminant-free material that is easily recyclable and has an attractive resale price. Then companies that buy the plastic bundles would, in turn, get premium and unadulterated materials that can be easily recycled.

We are working hard on making this project a possibility!


What is ecodesign and why is Ecolo Vial an eco-friendly vial?

Ecodesign is the consideration and integration of all the environmental criteria necessary for the design of a product.

From the ideation phase of our products, and throughout their life cycle, we make sure we have the lowest environmental impact possible. From raw material extraction, product manufacturing and end-of-life, to distribution, use and recycling.

Do you want to know more? Check out our eco-design page


Is your vial compatible with ScriptPro automation systems?

Not currently. We are working on developing a vial that will soon be compatible with ScriptPro robots: EcoloPro.


I am a patient and my pharmacy does not offer EcoloPharm’s products. What can I do to encourage them to adopt it?

It’s easy! We have a pre-written letter that you can print out and give to your pharmacist. Be sure to give this letter to the pharmacy owner since they decide what products are used. Pharmacists listen to their patients and you have the power to change and participate in the greening of your local pharmacy!


Does the Eco Pill provide protection against ultraviolet (UV) radiation?

Yes, around 35%. We recommend that you place your compliance packaging in an area away from direct sunlight to fully protect against the effects of photodegradation.

Eco-Friendly Compliance Packaging


Does the Eco Pill provide protection against ultraviolet (UV) radiation?

Yes, around 35%. We recommend that you place your compliance packaging in an area away from direct sunlight to fully protect against the effects of photodegradation.


If I adopt Eco Pill, what happens with my pharmacy management software?

Our eco-friendly pill organizer is compatible with all Canadian mainstream pharmacy software. The transition is very simple: it only takes a few mouse clicks to get the Eco Pill configuration. Contact us to know more.


What is happening with peripheral tools to compliance packaging such as stands and trays?

EcoloPharm offers the following accessories and will be happy help with all your questions. For more information, don’t hesitate to contact our customer care. 


Is your eco-friendly pill organizer compatible with automation systems?

Yes, we are compatible with Synmed and Manrex robots.


I already have a Synmed robot that I use with another supplier of compliance packaging, but I would like to change for Eco Pill, what should I do?

The process is very simple. Contact us, we will be happy to answer your questions and guide you.

FAQ Ecological Ointment Jar


I am a pharmacist and would like to know how your ecological ointment jar is adjustable?

It’s very simple! In each box of Ecolo Jar there is a jig that allows you to make the adjustment with ease.


Do you offer your ecological ointment jar for sizes other than 15-30-60 ml?

No. The current design of the jar does not apply for larger sizes. Our R&D team is working on other options.


I am a pharmacist and would only need the jig that allows me to adjust the amount that the jar can receive.

No problem. Please contact us. Note that every box of Ecolo Jar includes a jig.

FAQ cannabis industry & veterinarian


How easy is the transition to your products?

Very easy! We have several tools that facilitate a smooth transfer with our medical marijuana vials and encourage you to engage patients!


I am a patient and my provider does not offer your vial. What can I do to encourage my supplier to adopt your solution?

It’s easy! We have a pre-written letter that you can print and give to your clinic.


I would like to get your vials. Where are they available?

They can be ordered directly through our office and shipped anywhere in Canada. Contact us for more information.

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