EcoloPharm is proud to be a partner of hard-working Canadian pharmacies and eco-responsible patients. We design and manufacture the most eco-friendly packaging solutions have become a Canadian leader in sustainable development.

Our medication containers are ecodesigned and the most eco-responsible options on the market.

We have received generous media coverage and have won several environmental awards.

When you encourage one of our 3 200 pharmacy partners, you’re sending a clear message that you care about the environment. Thank you for giving back the Earth back a smile!

Our Philosophy

EcoloPharm offers more than just environmentally friendly packaging. We designed our products to be more ergonomic and user-friendly. For instance, the cap is attached to our vial, making it impossible to lose it and allowing those with vision impairments to open the vial easily.

Did you know?

  1. 30% of canadian pharmacies offer environmentally friendly containers. Help us increase the number!
  2. 88% of consumers think organizations they deal with should try to achieve their business goals while improving society and the environment. Are you part of them?

Be Part of the Solution!

Would you like your pharmacy to offer EcoloPharm eco-conscious products?
It’s easy! We have a pre-written letter that you can print out and give to your pharmacist. Be sure to give this letter to the pharmacy owner since they decide what products are used. Pharmacists listen to their patients and you have the power to change and participate in the greening of your local pharmacy!

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