Team member

Responsable Marketing et Développement Durable

Évelyne Rojas-Benoit est en charge des médias chez EcoloPharm.

Avec une formation en développement durable et en marketing, Évelyne apporte toute sa créativité et met à profit ses nombreux talents pour enrichir la stratégie omnicanal d'EcoloPharm.

Customer Care & Order Desk

Sophie-Anne Praire is in charge of Customer Care and Order Desk at EcoloPharm.

Passionated by human relationship, Sophie-Anne offers our clients exemplary support and service. With more than 10 years of customer service experience, Sophie-Anne will be able to support you in all your needs regarding the adoption of eco-friendly solutions. Don't hesitate to communicate with her, her smile is contagious!

Supply and Logistic

Edith Pimparé is Supply and Logistic Supervisor at EcoloPharm. She has been part of the EcoloPharm family for over 10 years.

Charmed by the company’s deep values, humanism and eco-responsibility, her sense of belonging quickly settled in.

Her drive, her collaborative spirit and her sense of responsibility rapidly led her to work her way up and take responsibility for Production and Logistics Operations.

Edith is a problem solver who is always focused on impeccable quality and customer satisfaction.

Along with her team, she is fully dedicated on ensuring that our valued customers are always satisfied

Marketing & Communications Director

Accomplished Marketer with demonstrated success and executing marketing strategies that deliver results. Creative professional recognized for taking on major initiatives, driving new approaches and highly effective execution.

Operation & Innovation Manager

Sebastien Soler manages Operation and Innovation at EcoloPharm.

Driven by innovation, Sebastien is a mechanical engineer inspired by sustainable development. After 5 years as engineering advisor, he joined the company to lead the EcoloPharm’ Operations. Optimization and technological innovation are at the heart of its responsibilities. Sebastien leads several projects in industrial efficiency.

Human Resources Manager

Claude Harvey joined EcoloPharm as Human Resources Manager in 2021. Holder of a BAC in Business Administration, CRHA concentration, Claude has extensive experience in talent management, employee engagement, diversity/inclusion and leadership development. As primary resource for all employees, she advises and supports EcoloPharm's talents in their career and professional development.

Financial Performance Manager

Mathieu Poliquin joined The EcoloPharm team as Financial Performance Manager.

After several years of consulting in Business risk, he holds a title of CPA, CMA of the Order of Chartered Professional Accountants of Quebec, which he puts to full contribution.

Mathieu thrives in optimizing and automating tasks, processes and business intelligence. He leads several projects in order to improve internal controls and information technology.

His strong values for eco-responsibility and corporate social responsibility have made it easy for Mathieu to find his place at EcoloPharm.

He aspires to help EcoloPharm achieve its mission of educating and raising awareness of eco-responsibility, as well as helping to bring innovation to the pharmacy industry.

Internal Sales

Jessica Caverly manages Internal Sales at EcoloPharm.

With over 15 years of experience in customer relations, she distinguishes herself by her proactivity and her understanding.

Thanks to her dedication and determination, Jessica is able to properly identify the needs of customers by offering them appropriate and eco-friendly solutions.

For Jessica, efficiency and good humor take precedence. Spreading EcoloPharm's eco-responsible mission is second nature to her.

With a smile in her voice, Jessica is always available to answer questions and deliver the customer care experience that EcoloPharm's is reputed for.

Sales Representative for Quebec area

Julie Latreille is Sales Representative for the territory of Quebec.

With 20 years of experience in the pharmacy distribution network, Julie joined the EcoloPharm team in 2012 and has since then become the most sincere ambassador for EcoloPharm's mission and values.

Available and dedicated to the well-being of her clients, Julie makes a point of supporting Quebec pharmacies in their transition to eco-responsibility.

For Julie, we must question our ways of doing things on a regular basis in order to find solutions to protect our beautiful planet and the well-being of future generations.

National Key Account Manager

Christina Ferentinos is National Key Account Manager for EcoloPharm with 25 years experience in sales.

Beginning her journey at EcoloPharm in 2013, we quickly recognized her commitment, her energy and her ability to foster authentic relationships with corporate pharma.

Her contribution has allowed for substantial growth and increased company awareness within Canada and abroad.

Christina strongly believes that "sustainable business relationships are about having a deeper understanding of the challenges pharmacies are facing and how they can evolve to become more sustainable in their practice".

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