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EcoloPharm is a close partner of eco-responsible pharmacies

In 2009, we made it our company mission to change the world of pharmacy. By offering the most eco-friendly pharmacy packaging solutions, EcoloPharm has become a Canadian leader in sustainable development.

We are deeply engaged in our rigorous eco-design process and each of our solutions generates the lowest environmental footprint possible.


Our Corporate Social Responsability

As Certified B Corporation™, EcoloPharm is committed to creating sustainable value by meeting the highest standards of social and environmental impact and this sustainability is an integral part of our value proposition.

We are continuously working to improve our sustainable development and ecodesign practices, to build a more inclusive and sustainable economy.

In a world where environmental concern is at the forefront, EcoloPharm applies the principles of sustainable development to create our products by considering all environmental and social impacts. We ensure the lowest environmental footprint possible by analyzing impact starting at raw material extraction to product manufacturing and the end-of-life of our entire product line.

The importance of reducing pollution in pharmacies


The average pharmacy generates 45 tons of waste per year with 12% coming from plastic.

Directly or indirectly, pharmacies generate a substantial amount of waste. EcoloPharm offers eco-friendly packaging solutions that are:

  • Recyclable*
  • Made with minimal plastic and of polypropylene (a non-toxic material)
  • Packaged with more units per case and without plastic bags
  • Made in Canada

Choosing EcoloPharm encourages our local economy and minimizes the environmental burden of shipping products from abroad.

*Where facilities allow


Our customers

Our products

Practical, safe and eco-friendly; contains 35% less plastic than conventional vials.
Made without toxic materials and protects medication.
The only 3-in-1 ointment jar with an adjustable capacity.
Packaging compliant with Health Canada standards for dispensing medical cannabis.
A full range of products to simplify the work of pharmacists.

Transitioning to sustainable business practices

Going green is not only good for the environment. It’s good for business.

Sustainable practices focus on improving environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance. Embedded sustainability efforts result in a positive impact on business performance.

For pharmacy industry, adopting sustainable practices is a natural expression of its fundamental mission to improve health and quality of life while operating more successful businesses within a modern economy.

EcoloPharm: close partner of eco-responsible pharmacies


More than 3,500 pharmacies across Canada have already made the eco-friendly choice.

By choosing our ecodesigned products, pharmacies support over 8 million Canadians in their efforts to protect the environment and have a direct and concrete impact on our health and that of the planet. Thanks to them, every year we save:

  • Over 12 tons of CO2 or what a car generates driving 1.5 times around the world.
  • 230 tons of plastic or the weight of 40 elephants.
  • 39 tons of cardboard or the combined weight of 23 cars.
  • 769,000 kWh or the annual energy consumption of 32 homes.

Reducing carbon footprint and minimizing environmental impact has been at the heart of our mission for more than 10 years. Be part of the solution!


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