done well.

EcoloPharm : eco-friendly packaging solutions

A manufacturing process that consumes


less energy

GHG emissions



Innovative design that requires on average


less raw materials

Generating a positive and sustainable impact on people and the environment.

Like a compass, our mission guides us towards a world where health and sustainability coexist harmoniously.

Our bold vision propels us into an era of change, calling on pharmacies to become pioneers in an unprecedented ecological transition.

As our vision comes to fruition, we see a world where eco-responsibility will no longer be a competitive advantage, but an imperative condition for going to market.

The future of the pharmacy industry is definitely green, sustainable and inspiring.


Our commitment to well-being, well done translates into concrete initiatives: reducing our impact on the environment, responsible management of resources (human, material and natural), embracing innovative technologies, continuous improvement, and much more.

Our certifications bear witness to our commitment to sustainable development, innovation and eco-responsibility.


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