Choosing a certified partner means opting for a collaboration that goes beyond a product offering: you’re supporting a vision, a promise and concerted actions towards a greener, more sustainable future.

We are a B Corp

We were the first medication packaging manufacturer in the world to be awarded the B Corp certification.

  • This certification attests that EcoloPharm meets the highest verified standards of performance, transparency and social and environmental responsibility.
  • Our environmental footprint is the smallest on the market.
  • We support our customers in their sustainable approach, enabling them to fully assume their role in public health, while offering them the assurance of being truly eco-friendly.

Women Owned

This certification attests that a company is at least 51% owned, controlled, operated and managed by one or more women. The certification also aims to ensure that women are well represented within companies, and confirms that they are in decision-making positions.

This is true of our organization, which was founded and is still owned by Sandrine Milante, and whose management committee is more than equally represented.

To obtain a Women Owned certification, business owners undergo a thorough review process, which includes an audit of the company’s documentation and performance.

The Women Owned seal is considered the gold standard for certification of women-owned businesses.

Eco-designed Product Certificate

The right to use the “ecodesigned product” seal is regulated by the Sustainable Industries Council (CID) in partnership with  RECYC-QUÉBEC and Éco Entreprises Québec.

Before granting this certification, these organizations thoroughly review the manufacturers’ ecodesign approach, to ensure that they make a genuine contribution to protecting the environment by:

  •  Reducing the impact of manufacturing 
  • Facilitating recyclability 
  • Selecting more environmentally friendly materials
  • Reducing waste of resources 
  • Contributing to a greener economy
  • Encouraging responsible sourcing