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Our products can be tested free of charge. This trial period is an opportunity to make an informed choice and to start going green.

We also offer training and communication tools to help your team and patients make the transition to a more sustainable future.

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The first ever single-piece moulded vial on the market. Its multifunctional design ensures maximum efficiency in terms of storage and inventory management.

Each EcoloVial trial kit contains:

  • – 300 EcoloVial vials
  • (12 dr format / choice of clear or green colour)
  • EcoloVial samples in 19, 34 and 56 dr formats
  • One EcoPill blister pack
  • Bonus! Six EcoloJar ointment jars and adapters
  • Marketing tools to inform your patients


Our eco-friendly pill dispenser is the most robust, safest and easiest to handle of its kind.

Each EcoPill trial kit contains:

  • 60 blister pack bases
  • 100 labels
  • Two ergonomic assembly trays
  • Bonus! Six EcoloJar ointment jars and their adapter
  • Samples of EcoloVial vials
  • Marketing tools to inform your patients


This adjustable ointment jar is a must-have for any laboratory, as its clever design greatly facilitates inventory management.

Each EcoloJar sample kit contains:

  • Six adjustable ointment jars
  • One adapter


This vial is an ideal product for medical cannabis producers and dispensaries, which must adhere to the strictest standards, particularly in terms of safety.

Each EcoloMed sample kit contains:

  • One 12 dr vial
  • One 19 dr vial
  • One 34 dr vial
  • One 56 dr vial