Safety and eco-responsibility

EcoloMed is a vial that fully meets the needs of medical cannabis growers and dispensaries. This opaque vial has the smallest environmental footprint on the market, and makes no compromise on safety.

  • Contains 35% less plastic*
  • Moisture resistant
  • Vial and cap moulded in a single piece: a key advantage in terms of time, space and efficiency

*Compared to a similar product manufactured using conventional processes.

Ecolomed User Guide

The EcoloMed uses the same opening technique as the EcoloVial. Watch this short video to quickly grasp its potential!


Our customers are changing the world, one packaging at a time

“We have purchased our packaging from Ecolopharm for years. We wouldn’t trade them for anything! Prompt delivery and assistance, top notch products, as well as the friendliest, most professional staff!”

Angie Lee Brant

Manager, The Wolf Den, Tyendinaga (Ontario)



What’s the advantage of using this product rather than another one?

The EcoloMed is the only cannabis vial that’s moulded in a single piece.

Its design provides it with the lowest environmental impact on the market, in addition to numerous operational advantages:

  • No more need to order caps separately
  • Saves space and time spent managing inventory

Its ecological benefits are just as numerous:

  • Its design requires 35% less plastic than a conventional vial
  • Minimalist packaging: since they’re moulded in a single piece, vials and caps are shipped closed, which eliminates the need to use plastic bags for shipping.

See Our Impact section to find out more about the environmental benefits associated with our products.

What is the EcoloMed made of?

EcoloMed vials are made of #5 polypropylene, a non-toxic plastic that is highly recyclable.

Technical specifications

What sizes are available?

EcoloMed vials are available in four sizes: 12 / 19 / 34 / 56 drams.

Click here to view the product’s full spec sheet.

What are the quantities per case?

  • 12 dr: 400 units / case
  • 19 dr: 300 units / case
  • 34 dr: 150 units / case
  • 56 dr: 92 units / case

Click here to view the product’s full spec sheet.

How can I order this product?

To order this product, please contact our Customer Service team by email at [email protected]

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