Veterinary clinics and hospitals

The veterinary field lies at the intersection of animal, human and environmental health. This reality puts animal health specialists in a good position to exert influence and take action to protect the environment.

Veterinarians have the power to implement sustainable practices in their workplaces. They can also choose equipment, consumables and medicines that have less impact on the environment.

Animal lovers generally hold strong environmental values. To align themselves with the values of their customers (and often their staff, too), more and more veterinary clinics and hospitals are turning to our eco-friendly vials and ointment jars. In doing so, they maximize storage space and reduce the time spent on inventory management, while contributing to a significant environmental effort.

Greener veterinary facilities

By joining forces, we can achieve great things. Every day, our customers help reduce the environmental burden and contribute to our collective well-being.

Follow the lead of many veterinary establishments and embrace the green movement at your facility!

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