Sustainable development

A sustainable, socially responsible company

Our sustainable development goals

EcoloPharm is actively contributing to achieving the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). To do so, we have identified the main goals that align our mission and our sustainable development initiatives.

  • Environment
  • Governance
  • Social

1. To implement sustainable initiatives and to continue to reduce our environmental footprint.

  •  Improve our energy consumption by eliminating the use of natural gas.
  • Become carboneutral by 2030.
  • Support our community’s economic growth by implementing sustainable, local partnerships.
  • Implement an incentive program to reward our employees for using sustainable mobility options.
  • Increase our investment in research and development to assess and test products that are even more sustainable.

2. Promoting sustainable practices in the manufacture of plastic packaging for prescription drugs

  • Identify competent collaborators to initiate partnerships targeting the recovery of all our residual materials.
  • Educate our stakeholders and raise their awareness of the issues related to the overconsumption of plastic, then increase their level of knowledge so as to promote informed decision-making, focused on sustainable solutions.
  • Establish a circular economy system with the aim of making our products recyclable and/or reusable, and optimizing their end-of-life.

1. Fostering the feminization of leadership

  • Remain actively involved with our stakeholders and business community to encourage the implementation of measures aimed at gender representation.
  • Continue to implement measures within our organization to educate and raise awareness of the importance of EDI practices.

2. Contributing greater economic justice 

  • Maintain the wealth gap ratio (ratio between the highest and lowest salaries) below five in our organization.
  • Through and equitable salary scale, benefits and training, promote the overall enrichment of our employees so that all have access to the same economic resources.

3. Ensuring human rights are respected

  • Train our personnel on the risks of corruption.
  • Assess the potential risk of corruption and the respect for human rights throughout our value chain.

1. Ensuring equal opportunities and empowerment for our employees.

  • Raise employee awareness of equity, diversity and inclusion issues through training activities.
  • Provide conferences and workshops on sustainable development several times a year to enhance employee training and that of external organizations.
  • Offer our employees advantageous working conditions that enable them to develop and live beyond the viable minimum.

2. Promoting well-being in the workplace

  • Continue our awareness-raising efforts and increase the number of initiatives promoting the importance of mental and physical health among our employees.
  • Promote the safe and healthy use of our products among our customers and their users.
  • Implement a community involvement program for our employees.