The Canadian pharmacy market is undergoing a number of changes.

These include:

  • Changing needs of the population (aging, rise in chronic illnesses, etc.)
  • Integration of technologies to increase efficiency (artificial intelligence, automation)
  • Evolution of the profession (introduction of new professional acts in a context of manpower shortage)
  • Accessibility of care (educating and raising public awareness, modernizing certain practices, etc.)

Challenges are numerous for this industry, which must adapt to societal changes at a rapid pace. Added to this reality are the demands of an increasingly environmentally aware and informed population.

Our expertise and passion for sustainable development have led us to become close collaborators with pharmacies wishing to reduce their environmental footprint.

As this sector is the second-largest generator of packaging waste after the food industry, it quickly grasped the importance of going green.

To date, more than 4,000 Canadian pharmacies have chosen to offer their customers eco-friendly prescription drug packaging. In doing so, they boost their productivity, and enjoy an enviable position with a population whose expectations regarding the environment are growing.

Ever-greener pharmacies

By joining forces, we can achieve great things.

Every day, our customers help reduce the environmental burden and contribute to our collective well-being. Join more than 4,200 Canadian pharmacies and go green!

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