The ecodesign process behind packaging is an approach that is innovative and one of continuous improvement. We apply the principles of sustainable development and consider all the environmental and social impacts of our products. We start the analysis at conception and continue throughout the product life cycle beginning with the extraction of raw materials, the manufacturing process, distribution and finally the end of useful life.

In 2009, EcoloPharm had the ambition and the mission to revolutionize the world of pharmacy by being the first packaging company specializing in sustainable development and offering the most eco-friendly solutions.

Our ecodesign has allowed us to minimize the inputs needed to manufacture our products (plastic, water and energy) as well as the outputs which are harmful to the environment and to human health (greenhouse gas emissions and packaging waste).

Sustainable process

Our rigorous ecodesign process generates the lowest carbon footprint on the market and we have been granted several awards and certifications recognizing our commitment to sustainable development.

In a world where the environment is a serious concern for all, EcoloPharm is the obvious partner to help pharmacists take action and help make their green commitments a reality. Eco-friendly choices allow pharmacists to stand out as leaders who care about the health of their patients and that of the environment as well.

Over 3,500 Canadian pharmacies have chosen to work with our packaging solutions and are now engaged in a more sustainable business approach.
As a leader in sustainability, we continue our mission to provide pharmacists with innovative, ecodesigned and the most environmentally friendly solutions for dispensing medication to patients.

Take part in the change!

Less energy
Minimal use of raw materials and energy efficient equipment = less energy required for production.
Less cardboard
Rethought packaging and pallet optimization = increased units per case = less deliveries and less CO2.
Less CO2
Products made with minimal raw materials and molded in one piece using clean and renewable energy.
Without toxic materials
Non-toxic raw material (Polypropylene PP) through local supplier = easily recyclable plastic
100% recyclable
Free of contaminants, simplified sorting and sought-after material = 100% recycled products
No plastic bag
Innovative one-piece design & rethought packaging =elimination of risk of contamination and plastic bag
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