Innovation in pharmacy

Plastic is an inexpensive, malleable, lightweight and rigid material that is the preferred option for prescription packaging and must meet stringent safety standards and requirements. Packaging must be limited to a single use in order to prevent contamination of drugs given to patients making pharmacies and other drug prescribers large generators of plastic pollution.

Regardless of society’s growing desire to wage war on plastics, the material will remain widely used in the field of pharmacy for the foreseeable future given the numerous advantages. Even though, pharmacies can drastically reduce waste despite the need for single-use and low-cost packaging, by adopting eco-friendly packaging alternatives.

Traditional pharmaceutical packaging has had minimal innovation in the past 50 years. With archaic production processes, distribution and end-of-life management of prescription packaging, it’s not surprising that environmental impact was never considered whatsoever.

Revolutionizing the pharmacy sector

In 2009, EcoloPharm was born out of an idea to revolutionize the pharmacy packaging industry and providing packaging solutions that generate the lowest environmental footprint is at the heart of our mission.



We have challenged the status quo of conventional packaging that is highly polluting and rarely recyclable and paved the way for eco-friendly and fully recyclable packaging.

Sandrine Milante, Présidente & CEO

By implementing ecodesign in all aspects of our production, distribution and end-of-life processes, we offer the most eco-friendly packaging solutions to Canadian pharmacies.

Our innovative products are chosen by pharmacists who wish to address and take action concerning pollution and climate change. Lab teams also appreciate the streamlining and workflow benefits that our solutions offer and allow for better optimization and organization of tasks.

Providing Canadian pharmacies with the most environmentally responsible packaging solutions for nearly 10 years and enabling them to become agents of change in their communities is an integral part of our mission. It takes the involvement of many health professionals who share our mindset and want to make a positive impact in their communities.

Together, we can make a difference.

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