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Our Mission: Making Pharmacies Go Greener

The idea behind EcoloPharm came about from a very worrying fact: the substantial amount of direct and indirect waste generated by pharmacies. In 2008, Sandrine Milante was concerned what the impact of single-use packaging had on the environment and what she, as a  manufacturer, could do to improve the situation. 

Sandrine was confronted with obsolete and energy-consuming equipment. There was a machine for the production of vials and another that produced the lids. There were endless cardboard boxes with plastic bags to separately store vials from lids. Workers had to assemble caps on vials with their bare hands. Once assembled, more cardboard boxes and more plastic bags were needed to repack for shipping. Nothing was recyclable, there were bags everywhere, wasted cardboard and an excess of energy consumption... It was indeed time to act and make pharmacies go green by completely revamping those outdated work methods. 

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