Cannabis industry

With your help, we want to rally cannabis and environment and give the Earth back a smile!

Cannabis and environment will send a green message that will clearly resonate with your customers. Customers are more and more concerned about the environment and now expect concrete environmental actions to be taken by businesses. The partnership we offer you promotes a business that stands out by caring for the health of the planet. Adopting EcoloPharm is a choice that is not only environmentally friendly but also that of good business.

Cannabis and Environment: Why Choose Ecolopharm’s Products?

Our products are proudly Canadian made so you’re supporting a local business. Stand out from the competition and be part of the solution!

73% of consumers say they would change their consumption habits to reduce their environment impact

Our products are ecological and recyclable!

Our vials for the cannabis industry, the EcoloPot, are available only through direct order, contact us for more information for our price list.

EcoloPharm offers you locally made products and the most environmentally friendly packaging options for cannabis and the environment. We encourage you to engage your team and your customers in your environmental positioning. We have tools in place to help you easily share information with your patients and your team. Contact us to know more.


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