Senior facilities

Senior facilities

We want to revolutionize the dispensing of medication by offering the opportunity to senior facilities to become an eco-friendly organization and make your practice more sustainable. We design and manufacture the most eco-friendly packaging solutions and have become a Canadian leader in sustainable development for eco-friendly retirement homes.

Working Toward Eco-Friendly Senior facilities

The EcoPill is the only eco-friendly compliance packaging on the market. The ecodesign allows for minimal resources needed for production with the least amount of plastic and energy. Our manufacturing process generates the least amount of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) and 100% recyclable.

  • Made of a nontoxic raw material
  • Only compliance packaging that is 100% recyclable*

Our company has received generous media coverage and earned various environmental awards for our sustainable manufacturing process

By choosing the EcoPill, you reinforce your corporate, social and environmental responsibility and governance as an eco-friendly senior facility. You will also help give the Earth back a smile!

*Where facilities permit

The Advantages of Our Eco-Friendly Products

  • Eco-friendly retirement homes and senior facilities who already use the EcoPill appreciate the safe and easy handling.
  • Easy to open cells
  • Accommodates more medication: 10% to 50% per cell
  • Not deformable and does not flatten when handled
  • Easily detachable cells that are individually sealed and give patients seven days of autonomy. Perfect for those on the go!
  • Easy access to medication within cells
  • Resealable label.
  • Proudly made in Canada


Be Part of the Solution!

Would you like your eco-friendly pharmacy partner to offer you EcoloPharm eco-conscious products?
It’s easy! We have a pre-written letter that you can print out and give to your pharmacist. Be sure to give this letter to the pharmacy owner since they decide what products are used. Pharmacists listen to their patients and you have the power to change and participate in the greening of your local pharmacy!

EcoloPharm offers the most environmentally friendly options for eco-friendly senior facilities and locally made products. We encourage you to engage your team and your customers in your environmental positioning. We have tools in place to help you easily share information with your patients and your team. Contact us to know more.

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