Veterinarians historically have fostered community health by being stewards of the link between human and animal health. Considerations for the profession’s impact on the environment are part of the idea of ‘going green’. EcoloPharm is committed to veterinarians to help them minimizing the detrimental impact of veterinary medicine on the environment.

Adopting ecoresponsible practices

Canadian Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA) has provided multiple source of information on how to improve the environmental impact of the veterinary practice and infrastructure. Veterinarians are invited to focus on the reduction of consumption of resources, which includes paying attention to the entire lifecycle of a product, and potential toxic impacts from disposal and use (e.g., mercury in CFC lights). Any change, no matter how simple or complex, will make a difference!

By chosing EcoloPharm packaging solution, your veterinary clinic provide a green message that will clearly resonate with your customers. A ecodesign process generates the lowest carbon footprint.

An eco-friendly packaging solution is packaging that is made with the least material possible and with end-of-life that can be easily determined. In designing a product that is made with 30% less plastic compared to similar products on the market, we’re assured less plastic to manage at the end-of-life. And the very fact that our products are made with a single material ensures 100% recyclability.

Our medication containers are ecodesigned and they are the most eco-responsible options on the market.

Simplified business processes

In addition to offering the only eco-friendly products on the market, EcoloPharm has focused on a multitude of aspects designed to simplify workflow for staff and easy-to-use for patients.

  • Streamlining inventory management (4 SKU’S only to purchase),
  • Reduction in lab and warehouse space required for storing supplies
  • Saving time and increasing workflow
  • Local company and proudly made in Canada.

The partnership we offer you as an eco-responsible veterinarian promotes a business that stands out by caring for both patient health and that of the planet.

More than 3,500 customers, among them multiple eco-responsible veterinarians across Canada, have chosen EcoloPharm and have safeguarded against 1 840 tons of plastic and 218 tons of CO2. 

Be part of the solution !

EcoloPharm offers you the most environmentally friendly options for eco-responsible veterinarians and locally made products. We encourage you to engage your team and your customers. We have tools in place to help you easily share information with your patients and your team. Contact us to know more

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