Responsible sourcing policy

Quality, stability, integrity.


As a manufacturer, we have the advantage of controlling our entire value chain. From an operational point of view, this results in optimum stability and quality of operation. In terms of corporate social responsibility, it’s clear to us that by choosing partners who share our values (respect for the environment and individuals, excellence and transparency in governance), we can enhance our positive-impact actions and more rapidly achieve our sustainable development goals.


Our responsible sourcing policy is based on the principles of fairness, transparency, diversity, integrity, honesty and loyalty. It is a valuable tool that demonstrates our commitment to the development and maintenance of a dynamic local economy, in keeping with our values.


This policy applies to anyone who may make purchases for the company. It applies to both physical goods and services.


  •  Providing EcoloPharm with a flexible yet thorough, transparent and fair sourcing process
  • Supporting our region’s economy
  • Reducing our greenhouse gas emissions (energy consumption, carbon neutrality of transport and carbon emissions of materials chosen) and improving our environmental impact
  • Raising awareness among our business partners of the importance of taking sustainable development and local sourcing into account in their product and service offerings


The following criteria are given priority in the selection of our suppliers. However, as reflected in our selection guidelines, other criteria may apply, depending on the nature of the product or service, as well as operational or geographical constraints.

  • Suppliers with a sustainable development approach or recognized certification in this area
  • Local partners within an 80 km radius*
  • Products or services designed within an 80 km radius*

*Reference location: EcoloPharm head office in Chambly

Tools and Implementation

The policy is applied through regular supplier assessments. The main reference tools in this respect are the following:

  • Assessment grid    
  • Scoring grid

These benchmarking tools provide a consistent, unbiased assessment of suppliers’ adherence to our principles, practices and values

Continuous Improvement

Optimizing our processes and performance is an ongoing process. For this reason, the present policy and its assessment tools may be subject to change.

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