Sustainable Development Policy

A formal policy ensuring our collective well-being


Sustainability is an integral part of EcoloPharm’s mission, values and strategies.

Our desire to “meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations” guides our actions and facilitates decision-making.

We will never compromise our commitment to always do better in the name of collective well-being.


EcoloPharm recognizes its responsibility regarding sustainable development. This policy confirms our intention to make the principles of sustainable development an integral part of our organization’s purpose.

This policy aims to clarify how we integrate the development approach into our business model, and confirms its importance within our corporate governance.

Scope and Implementation

This policy applies to all members of our organization, and its principles are used to raise awareness among external stakeholders.

The organization’s president and founder, Sandrine Milante, is responsible for its application and implementation.

To do so, she:

  • Maintains ongoing communication with stakeholders (internal and external) to identify issues and prioritize actions to ensure compliance with this policy.
  • Constantly raises awareness among government authorities of the issues and needs of the business community, and calls for the adoption of regulations to promote adherence to responsible practices.
  • Recommends relevant actions and tools to support the evolution of sustainable practices within the business community.
  •  Ensures that ESG practices are embedded in EcoloPharm’s corporate governance.


  1. Set a sustainability frame of reference for our entire organization.
  2. Adopt approaches that promote innovation and performance, without compromising our integrity or our commitment to sustainable development.
  3. Ensure the consistency of our actions across our entire value chain and align our performance management with sustainable development criteria.
  4. Encourage our stakeholders to adopt sustainable practices in order to collectively generate a lasting impact.
  5. Soutenir, encourager et partager les meilleures pratiques de durabilité.
  6. Continue to raise our B Corp score, which we see as an important element of credibility, as well as a great source of motivation for continuous improvement.

Change in the company’s status

On September 30, 2023, EcoloPharm amended its corporate status to formalize that, from a legal standpoint, its purpose includes, but is not limited to, creating a positive impact on the organization, the environment and as a whole. This positive impact is generated by EcoloPharm’s activities and operations.

This change in status confirms and reinforces the fact that all EcoloPharm executives must guide their decisions by considering the company’s short- and long-term interests, as well as those of all stakeholders, both internal and external.

This decision represents a major step forward in the consideration of collective well-being as a distinctive element at the heart of the organization’s governance.

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