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A revolutionary innovation in vial conception attributed to a novel ecodesign. Ecolo-Vial has come to redefine and simplify the vial market for pharmacists and patients.

Ecolo-Vial is an eco-friendly vial and is the only ecological choice available.

  • 30% less plastic and
  • 52 % less CO2
  • Easily recyclable
  • Made locally in Canada
  • Made from non-toxic polypropylene (PP)*

*Polypropylene (PP) is considered a safe plastic for the environment and for human health. It’s odorless, non-toxic and chemically inert.

Ecolo-Vial is packaged in boxes without the use of plastic bags. Saving 145,000 plastic bags per year and is the only eco-friendly vial to have obtained the "Eco-design Packaging Attestation" issued by the Council for Sustainable Industries (CID).

Advantages for pharmacies using Ecolo-Vial:

Ecolo-Vial is designed to simplify workflow for lab teams and is easy-to-use for patients.

  • Lid attached to vial preventing loss of lid and simplifying manipulation.
  • Vials are closed automatically during production eliminating all risk of contamination.
  • Easily convertible from a safety vial to a snap cap reducing the number of SKU’s for a streamlined inventory management.
  • Each generation of our eco-friendly medication vials is available in four (4) sizes:
    • Ecolo-Vial 1: 10, 17, 34 and 56 drams. Click here to view dimensions.
    • Ecolo-Vial Hybrid (2nd generation): 12, 19, 34 and 56 drams. Click here to view dimensions.

Child safety is our priority, which is why EcoloPharm offers eco-friendly vials certified by the Canadian Standard Association (CSA) as child-resistant.

Since the purpose of a vial is to be opened, we cannot guarantee that no child will be able to open it. It is essential to keep all medications out of reach of children.

In homes with young children, the risk of ingestion of medication is a common risk. To reduce these risks, the Canadian Standard Association (CSA) evaluates the effectiveness of packaging before marketing. It then awards certification to companies that meet these standards requiring safe products for children.

To learn more about child safety and medication, download our handy guide.

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    The Ecolo Vial has streamlined our ordering and space within the dispensary. We are also happy to be providing our patients with the most eco-friendly choice in vials.
    Pharmacist Manager, Northside PharmaChoice, Fredericton, NB
    Lindsay Duguay Pharmacist Manager, Northside PharmaChoice, Fredericton, NB
    I really like the newest vials. I find them easier to open therefore our customers will find them easier as well. They are also larger in size which I like in the day to day. Last but not least—the look is futuristic, refreshing, and new!
    K and J Pharmacy, Clinton, ON
    Lori, Pharmacy Assistant K and J Pharmacy, Clinton, ON
    We've been using EcoloVial vials since more than 2 years!
    Trois-Pistoles, QC
    Familiprix Claudie Beaulieu et Sophie Laplante Trois-Pistoles, QC

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