Ecolo-Med for distribution of cannabis

Ecolo-Med is our newest generation of eco-friendly vials specially designed for the distribution of cannabis.

Ecolo-Med is ecodesigned and requires minimal resources needed for production with the least amount of plastic and energy. Our manufacturing process generates the lowest greenhouse gas emissions (GHG). Ecolo-Med vials are made of polypropylene (PP)* and are 100% recyclable.

*Polypropylene (PP) is considered a safe plastic for the environment and for human health. It’s odorless, non-toxic and chemically inert.

Ecolo-Med are available in four (4) sizes: 12, 19, 34 and 56 drams. Click here to see the dimensions.


Ecolo-Med meets Health Canada standards for the packaging of cannabis.

  • The contents cannot be discernible unless opened and vial is 100% opaque.
  • Certified child-resistant and meets the requirements of sections C.01.001 (2) to (4) of Health Canada’s Food and Drug Regulations.

Does your pharmacy or dispensary already use Ecolo-Med? If you wish to inform customers of your eco-friendly choice or would like some useful marketing materials, contact us to know more. 

Are you concerned about how your customers will react to change? Why not begin a pilot with us? Contact us, we will be happy to accompany you.

Child safety is our priority, which is why EcoloPharm offers eco-friendly vials certified by the Canadian Standard Association (CSA) as child-resistant.

Since the purpose of a vial is to be opened, we cannot guarantee that no child will be able to open it. It is essential to keep all medications out of reach of children.

In homes with young children, the risk of ingestion of medication is a common risk. To reduce these risks, the Canadian Standard Association (CSA) evaluates the effectiveness of packaging before marketing. It then awards certification to companies that meet these standards requiring safe products for children.

To learn more about child safety and medication, download our handy guide.

Ecolo-Med: Frequently Asked Questions

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    The Ecolo-Vial has streamlined our ordering and space within the dispensary. We are also happy to be providing our patients with the most eco-friendly choice in vials.
    Northside PharmaChoice, Fredericton, NB
    Lindsay Duguay, Pharmacien Manager Northside PharmaChoice, Fredericton, NB
    We are proud of our agreement with EcoloPharm. The Canadian company provides us with 100% eco-friendly and recyclable vials and are exclusive in the region. In Canada, millions of vials end up in the garbage every year. We encourage you to dispose of your vials by putting them in the blue recycling bin! Great news for the planet!
    Baie-Comeau, QC
    Pharmacie Gauthier, Dastous et Dubuc Baie-Comeau, QC
    We've been using Ecolo-Vial vials since more than 2 years!
    Trois-Pistoles, QC
    Familiprix Claudie Beaulieu et Sophie Laplante Trois-Pistoles, QC

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