The seven steps of eco-conception

1. Local supply chain and selection of raw materials without health risks

NO_PVCWe only source our raw materials from selected North American suppliers following a rigorous evaluation process. We chose to work with suppliers that are proactive and transparent when managing their environmental impact.

Our products are designed with materials that are non-toxic to human health and the environment. We refuse to work with PolyVynilChloride, PolyCarbonate and PolyAcetale, which release phthalates, chlorine and bisphenols throughout their life cycle and are materials that are toxic for workers that are involved in the handling and transformation.

EcoloPharm uses PolyPropylene (PP) as the only material in our product line and is the second most sought-after material in Canada by sorting facilities and recyclers. Choosing to work with PP greatly increases the overall recyclability of our products.

Made of a mono-material and without contaminants, our vials and jars are designed and manufactured in one piece and our compliance product line is the only one on the market that is made without PVC.

Our vials have also been officially recognized by the program.

2. Energy-efficient manufacturing

For more than 10 years, EcoloPharm has invested in research and development to improve our processing protocols and reduce inputs in our manufacturing process. Energy-efficient equipment and a complete automation of our production line lead to greater productivity, a reduction in handling and a substantial reduction in carbon footprint by being energy efficient.

Our modern manufacturing methods have allowed us to develop a unique expertise in industrial processes in mass production and ultra-compact tool design.

The EcoloPharm plant is located in Quebec, Canada permitting for a reduced energetic footprint of our industrial processes seeing that the region is a worldwide authority on hydroelectric power.

Hydroelectric power is considered to be a renewable energy source and emits 52 times less GHG than fossil fuel energy sources such as natural gas, oil and coal (See:

3. Innovative design

Innovative-DesignThe design of our products allows for a 30% reduction in plastic needed during production. The cap and vial are molded in a single piece permitting thinner walls and eliminating all worker manipulation during assembly.

EcoloPharm has also consolidated the quantity of vial formats down to 4 sizes in each product line[1] optimizing production and inventory logistics and significantly reducing our carbon footprint. Our vials are polyvalent in that they have child-resistant and senior friendly capabilities.

Model consolidations and multi-functional products streamline work sequences and enable more efficient inventory management.

[1] Our competition offers 12.

4. Environmentally responsible and a safe industrial process

Thanks to rigorous polymer selection, we are able to mold products at much lower temperatures greatly reducing our energy consumption.

The Ecolo-Vial products are automatically closed during production hindering any risk of contamination. This closing process has also eliminated the need for plastic bags in the packaging of our products.

5. Product packaging

Product_PackagingIn order to reduce the use of unnecessary resources such as carboard packaging, we maximized the number of Ecolo-Vial units per box. Our packing boxes are made from post-consumer recycled carton that respect FSC standards.

6. Global analysis of the life cycle of our products

Life cycle analysis (LCA) takes into account all environmental aspects related to the design of a product; Beginning with the extraction of raw materials, the transformation, transport, processing, product use and finally the end of life (recycling, reuse or upgrading).

LCA is a standardized evaluation method (ISO 14040 and 14044 and GHG Protocol) that assesses a products’ environmental impacts based on a series of established criteria. LCA compares the environmental impacts of comparable products on the market. Our LCA has shown that EcoloPharm products generate 60% less CO2 compared to those presently available on the Canadian market.

7. Optimized Logistics

EcoloPharm has chosen to work solely with well-known distribution companies in the healthcare industry reducing transport logistics and assuring our environmental impact remains at a minimum.

Optimized logistics have an added value for pharmacists allowing for flexible delivery based solely on actual needs and avoid unnecessary stockpiling of products. Supply is therefore facilitated by a local distribution chain maintaining a safe and continuous supply of product.

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