Becoming a socially responsible business

Beyond the creation of jobs, eco-responsible companies have an in important role to play on a social and an environmental level. How could companies become real agents of change in our society? We are referring to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR); the ability of a company to quantify their social and environmental impact on their community and exercise leadership.

Only by acting on these can a company guarantee the engagement of their personnel, their community, their customers and maintain the sustainable longevity of their business.

A historic choice for EcoloPharm

For EcoloPharm the principles of social commitment were absolute and part of our mission from the very start.

We believe that companies can be strong agents of change and their innovations can improve quality of life for society. In our new economic model, it is imperative that we question the role and intention of large companies on improving society and ask if they’re part of the solution or remain the cause of the problem?

Certified Ecoleader by the Sustainable Industries Council (SIC) and B-Corp (coming soon), EcoloPharm has adopted a set of values that guides our choice in partners, determines our technical processes and inspires innovative working conditions. We are conscious that every decision that we make has a direct impact on our employees, our community and the
environment. It is therefore crucial for eco-responsible companies to measure their impact and make the correct decisions by considering all aspects of society.

For the last 10 years, our company mission has been to engage our customers and change the world of pharmacy across Canada. EcoloPharm was the first and only company to offer eco-friendly packaging solutions and we challenged pharmacists to look beyond the health of their patients and to consider the health of the planet as well.

Tomorrow’s pharmacies will be eco-responsible

A pharmacy is not only a local business but a link between the population and the healthcare system. Adopting business practices that improve environmental, social and economic performance allows pharmacies to innovate and stand out as leaders in sustainable development.

Large organizations are already integrating sustainable development into their business strategies, and pressure for all SME’s to follow suit is mounting. Modern businesses must take into account the reality of triple return: financial, social and environmental.

In today’s highly competitive market, pharmacies must innovate to ensure the overall growth and longevity of their business. Sustainable development is a proven business strategy where pharmacies can help improve the health of their communities, their employees and can increase their bottom line as a result.

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