EcoPill Compliance Packaging


EcoloPharm is proud to manufacture EcoPill, first eco-designed blister packaging on the market.


EcoPill consists of two distinct parts: 28 detachable cells and an adhesive label made from recycled paper. Its sturdy, yet malleable design provides excellent protection for medication.


Being eco-designed, our blister pack is unique on the market:

  • •Compatible with several automation systems
  • •Fully recyclable
  • •Made without toxic products (such as chlorinated polyvinyl chloride or PVC)
  • •Large capacity for morning and at night medication
  • •Made in Québec (Canada)

Like our other products, EcoPill is made from polypropylene (PP), a material that presents no health or environmental hazard.

By choosing the EcoPill, you reinforce your pharmacy's social and environmental responsibility

*In consideration of recycling facilities criteria


Advantages for pharmacies using EcoPill:

  • Shock resistant and non-deformable that never flattens when manipulated
  • Accommodates 10-50% more medication per cell
  • Cells are clear and minimize reflection from light for easy verification
  • Easily detachable cells that are individually sealed and give patients seven days of autonomy.
  • Available at your wholesaler and compatible with all pharmacy management software and automation systems
  • Cold seal method
  • Made in Canada

Child safety is our priority. Like all compliance packaging on the market, EcoPill is not child-resistant. It is essential to keep all medications out of reach of children.

To learn more about child safety and medication, download our handy guide.

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    We appreciate the convenience of each Eco Pill dose being detachable. This makes it easy for our customers to transport their doses and caregivers to administer the medication while the integrity of the medication is maintained. We are proud that Eco Pill is recyclable—this shows our responsibility as leaders in innovative product selection that we can feel good about!
    Consultant Pharmacist & Pharmacy Manager, Rubicon Health Solutions, Regina, SK
    Leah Lucyk Consultant Pharmacist & Pharmacy Manager, Rubicon Health Solutions, Regina, SK
    The Eco Pill product has proven to be a solution to our quest for improved quality assurance. The rigid recyclable plastic makes handling easier and reduces jumpers during automated production. Container-content validation is also greatly enhanced, facilitated by morning and evening medication that are larger.
    Pharmacist Owner,  Centre de production en ordonnance (CPO) Montréal, QC
    Sophie Larouche Pharmacist Owner, Centre de production en ordonnance (CPO) Montréal, QC

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